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VShape Trainer hasszorító öv ( Look Slim without the Gym )

Gyártó: Therapeutic

2 920 Ft


Cikkszám: TV_VShapeTrainer

Kategóriák: Gyógyászat, Egészség, Sport, szabadidő


Look Slim without the Gym!

Has your 6 pack turned into a beer-belly? Are you a member of the gym but never have time to get in? No problem – now there’s a new way to look ripped with the V-Shape Trainer! The V-shape trainer is a transforming waist-training belt that instantly tucks and slims you into the perfect V-shape.

Waist training is the new fitness phenomena and the V-Shape trainer gives you the cutting edge in waist training technology. The secret is the dual compression waist training system - It sucks in your belly, slims your waist, supports your back, improves your posture, trains your waist all this in two quick and easy steps:

  1. Fasten the compression shaper
  2. Tighten the waist training bands.

The V-Shape Trainer’s double compression helps you look great whether you're at the gym, at work, playing or doing yard work. With a breathable fabric, it let’s hot air out and fresh air in so you're always cool. Wear it over or under your clothes, you can adjust it to suit your day – loosen it for more flexibility or tighten it to define your core even more.


  • Two levels of adjustable toning
  • Supports back
  • Tones tummy
  • Breathable, constant cool fabric

 What's Included:

  • 1 x V-Shape Trainer in selected size.

Sizing Chart:




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