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Multifunctional Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Q5 Best Quality

Gyártó: MP3 PLAYER

7 390 Ft


Cikkszám: KR_BluetoothSpeakerQ5

Kategóriák: Egyéb, Telefon, Tartozékok, Hangszóró, Autós kihangosítók

Product Description

Best Quality Multifunctional Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Q5

1. Bluetooth specification: V3.0 +EDR
2. Operation Range: Up to 10 Meters
3. Music formats: MP3/WMA/AMR/FLAC/APE/Vorbis etc
4. Built-in rechargeable(lithium-Polymer) battery
5. Recharge time: 3 hours full charg
6. Playing time: 5 hours/ Talk time: 3 hours
7. Built-in Microphone
8. Support Micro TF card input slot up to 32GB
9. FM radio function: FM support automatic station search, and maintain an effective radio with the release to listen
10. U disk function: Connected directly to a PC via a USB cable, when speakers T card as a U disk directly copy songs
11. HD lossless decoding: Special support APE/FLAC the HD lossless file decoding, restore sound is essentially
12. Signal to noise ratio: ≥ 90DB
13. AUX input: 3.5 mm stereo audio input, easily connect notebook/Mobile/Tablet etc widely audio-visul products etc sources.
14. Output Power: 45mW/Frequency output: 20Hz-200kHz
15. Accessories: USB cable/3.5mm double audio line


1. Support phone/Laptop/Tablet PC Suppory TF card
2. Modular'sBuddy-jack's design: Connect a row of Mini Speakers to get jaw-dropping audio performance.
3. Expanded Bxs(Bass Xpansion system)drives a fuller, richer low-end response.
4. New, larger 45mm driver delivers precise highs for superb sound.

Primary Advantage:

1. We are factory with experienced staff.
2. Fast and free samples be offered.
3. Best quality and cheapest price.
4. Fast Delivery date and perfect after-service.
5. OEM and ODM are available
logo: accept your own logo
sample: free sample is available
usage:  computer, notebook, MP3, MP4, PDA, PSP etc.
size/set: 60*60*50cm
 package:  PE, color box, carton
 color box size:  1set/color box
 packaging: 36sets/cartom
 net weight/set:  0.68kg


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