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Purse Pouch autós kiegészítő Táska Tartó háló

Gyártó: Car accessories

1 520 Ft


Cikkszám: TV_PursePouch

Kategóriák: Egyéb, Egyéb eszközök




Do your important accessories get lost in the shuffle of the car? Keep all your essentials within arms reach with the Purse Pouch.

As seen on TV, the Purse Pouch car accessory straps in between the driver and passenger seats to create an innovative pocket that can hold your purse, smart phone and other accessories, so your important items are always right where you need them. No longer worry about your purse falling under your seat or dumping contents onto the car floor. With the Purse Pouch, your bags are secured, eliminating distractions while driving, and creating extra space in your vehicle. The Purse Pouch can fit wallets, organizers, backpacks, briefcases and even takeout or groceries. The adjustable Purse Pouch is ideal for traveling and holds your items secure, even if the ride gets bumpy!

  • Helps reduce distracted driving
  • Universal fit secures contents to prevent spills
  • Works in most cars — adjustable and easy to install
  • No tools or assembly required
  • Completely portable


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