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Slimming Massager ST-788 Therapy Instrument full Body mini Massager 4pcs

1 960 Ft


Cikkszám: GM_ST788

Kategóriák: Gyógyászat, Masszázs, Szépség, Egészség, Higénia, Egészség

Electronic vibration Massager Slimming Massager Therapy Instrument  full Body mini Massager

Slim down, tone up, and revitalize your body with  this advanced electrode therapy muscle massager. Wireless and convenient with 8  pre-programmed exercise routines so you can work out anytime, anywhere! Also  perfect for relaxing and relieving body pains caused by rheumatism, neuralgia,  leg aches, general fatigue, and more,used for Electrical Massager,mini body massager,Slimming Massager,blood circulation,fat buring massager,handheld,therapy massager.


  • 8 exercise programs to help sculpt and firm  muscles as well as relax aching and tiring muscles
  • 2 output channels A & B, can treat various  points on the body
  • Large oval electrode pads designed for  targeting acupuncture points
  • Therapy helps improve blood circulation  while burning excess fat and relieving muscle tension
  • No messy wires for a convenient and easy to  use device that`s perfect for your body


  • Caution: Do not use or store the device  where there are magnetic fields or electric currents such as near TVs,  Computers, and Stereo Systems. Please consult the instruction manual for  more information.
  • Electrical Massager
    1.mini body massager,Slimming Massager
    2.blood circulation,fat buring massager3.handheld,therapy massager
  • Suitable for: Stiff shoulders, lower back  pain, leg pains, facial fatigue, cervical vertebrae and neck pain, weak  sexual functions, menstrual disorder, and overall lack of energy
  • Model No: Y-1018
  • Massaging Pads: 4
  • Power Supply: 3V x 2
Package Size:    22cm x 15cm x 7cm (8.66in x 5.91in x 2.76in)


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